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Meanwhile, there are regular tournaments. The tournament is (32 pairs) usually played from the game set of "children memory" with 64 cards. Since the memory game contains 33 pairs, is for a pair of tournaments from this sorted out (according to tournament rule the fire truck). In group and one-two rounds, the winner to be determined. So is the German Memory Championships annually since 1990 as part of the international game days in October in Essen. Also, in some states there are regular tournament events. Memory-players in Germany have joined forces in the "Society of Friends of the memory game".
The Memory Healer Program

1992/1993 hosted the Ravensburger publishing a series of qualifying tournaments in several European countries. The respective national champions met in January 1993 Memory Championship in Weingarten. Winners were Philip Hiller-Hufnagel in the category of children and Rainer Husel among adults, both from Germany.